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EARTHSIDE is committed to restoring optimal health for every person & every body, through energy integration, lifestyle alignment & nutritional wisdom.

-Dr. Leviyah Kern-

  • Reiki Atunement Level 1; Christine Clark    Nov ‘08 

  • Health Kinesiology Level 1; Jeanine Monin Mar ‘11 

  • Health Kinesiology Level 2; Jeanine Monin  Nov ‘11 

  • Health Kinesiology Level 3; Jeanine Monin Jan ‘12 

  • Health Kinesiology Level 4; Jeanine Monin  May ‘12 

  • Health Kinesiology Level 5; Jeanine Monin  Aug  ‘12 

  • Health Kinesiology Level 6; Jeanine Monin Jan ‘13 

  • Reiki Atunement Level 2; Jeanine Monin 

  • Reiki Atunement Master; Jeanine Monin 

  • Medicinal Aromatherapy Level 1; WOTE   April ‘15 

  • Ayurvedic Health Counseling; CCA August ‘16 

  • Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine; CCA   August ’17 

  • Abhyangha, Shirodhara, Svedana Bliss Therapy Training; Nov ‘17 

  • Ayurvedic Health Counselor Internship; CCA April ’18 

  • Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine Internship; CCA April ’19 

  • Clinical Ayurveda Dermatology; CCA May ‘19 

  • Clinical Ayurveda EENT; CCA May ‘19 

  • Ayurvedic Approach: Skin Disorders; Mary Thompson  Sept ‘19 

  • Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine Internship; CCA Jan ‘20 

  • Ayurvedic Approach: Endometriosis; Mary Thompson  Feb ‘20 

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The Loving Truth 

The reality of any healing journey begins with Truth. For many of us, this brings up fear. We are told “truth hurts”, and that we must face the “hard truth”. But this is a story half told. A whole truth is one spoken with compassion, that enlightens, and provides understanding. A truth is only hard when seen without love. In Ayurveda, we know that perception is governed by the Fire element. It is this bright fire that allows us to see what is. But fire, like all elements, can become imbalanced. Fire can grow too hot, too sharp, too bright, to focused (like using a magnifying glass to focus the sun), too judgmental. An imbalanced, too bright fire can show a flaw, a fact; but not a whole truth. Truth is understood, when perceptive Fire is balanced with the compassion of Water, the stability of Earth, the wisdom of Ether, and the curiosity of Air. 

As a doctor, it is my job to balance the fire we need for transformation and healing. As an Ayurvedic Doctor, Reiki Master, and Health Kinesiologist, I choose, always to bring wholeness, integrity, and understanding, to see the whole truth of the body and life that has resulted in the current, temporary state of disease.  It is neither “hard truths”, or over indulgent “self-care” that create lasting change, but honesty, integrity, and reasonable goals that are authentic to ourselves.  




Holistic Medicine is:


  • 1 part counseling

  • 1 part external medicine

to alleviate the symptoms 


  • 1 part Tea to remind us

that we are right here, right now. 



What does this process look like? 

An intake, be it Ayurveda or Health Kinesiology, is all about information.


I take in as much information as you can give me:


  • What does your daily life look, taste, and feel like?

  • What choices are you making?

  • What foods are you eating?

  • What feelings are you feeling?

What are you goals:


  • More energy?

  • Less pain?

  • Better memory?

  • Fewer pounds?

  • Better sleep?

  • Better Skin?

  • The strength to run a marathon?

  • Balanced hormones?

  • The ability to stand up for yourself in a world that has oh, so many opinions?

And then we sift out what is at the root of it. For many of us, we see the grass on the other side of the fence and we want it. Awesome, go get it. And then, we come up with a plan to get that grass. We learn to pole vault, to get over the fence. We go into business to buy grass just like that grass. We go into politics to rearrange the lines of the fence….and in all cases we get distracted with the “how” instead of the goal: the grass.  

I once had a woman who was determined to lose 15 lbs. And I realized she did not care about the weight. She wanted the grass: She wanted to be sexy, desired, and beautiful. And she thought losing 15 lbs. would make all of those things happen. But since she did not actually want to lose the weight, it was not coming off. Because the weight, was not the goal. 

I struggled with this a lot as a young healer. I wanted to help people heal. Which meant: I wanted to help them connect to their integrity and truth. I wanted to help them see themselves. But instead, I focused on how to get to the grass. I studied multiple healing modalities, I read books, I chased new business ideas, I decorated my office, I dressed in flowy garments. I did what I thought healing looked like. In short, I did the work of sifting through the mess, to find my truth. And perhaps there was no other way. Learning the long way does teach compassion.


Now that I know the process, I am able to guide others through it in minutes, rather than years.  Oh you want more energy? Are you sleeping? No? Can’t stop thinking about your to-do list? That person you need to save? That money you need to make? Once we get to core goals, the body releases the disease and heals rapid time. So then we plan. What do you honestly want? How will you get there? What will you eat along the way? And we begin the labor of love that is healing. Change is hard work. Simple, but not easy.


But, You wont have to do it alone. “Eat more vegetables” is a useless recommendation if you don’t know how to make them delicious. “Breath more at work” is fluff, if you haven’t experienced centered breathing patterns. I designed my office to be large enough and homey enough that we can walk through any step that feels like a bear. This isn’t school, and there wont be a test; this is your body, your health, and we will find optimal health through honest action. We use a roadmap with clear actionable steps, so that we have clear sustainable goals, and clear attainable timelines. At the end of the day, this is your journey, and your destination. I am simply the person ensuring you don’t give up or get lost along the way.  

Healing is a process of learning to see yourself honestly. Healing is also about using the right tools for the job. Misusing tools, or the senses, will always cause damage. Rounded off bolt heads, and burnt out thyroids aren’t that different. Too often we want things from our body that it isn’t ready to give. If we want more, we have to upgrade first, and then we can run the race, or climb the mountain, or chair 3 organizations while baking cookies and raising kids.  

What I provide is knowledge and support. I use herbal medicine to correct the damage that has been done, and train you, to keep the damage from recurring. And then we strengthen you for the next race you want to run.  You can feel Better living the life you want.




Dr. Leviyah Kern is Me.

And it is nice to meet you.  


My Journey to Healing 

February 14th, 2007, was my first day in Bozeman Montana. I knew I was home. I moved here with family and I fell in love with the never-ending beauty of Montana: the mountains, the light, the crazy weather, the intensity of a full moon in winter. The Gallatin valley is a transformative place, and these mountains and people have changed me forever.


But Bozeman Montana isn’t where my story began. I was 6 years old when I first decided I wanted to be a healer. I was watching a PBS commercial: Dare to Dream. “I want to be a fireman”, “ I want to be an Astronaut”, on and on they went. 6yr old me assessed the wants rolling in my head. I wanted to be a ballerina, but I couldn’t imagine giving my whole life over to dance when there were people who needed attention and care.   

I mean, really, I wanted to be Jesus. Who doesn't want to heal people by spitting in mud? Even at 6 yrs old, I was keenly aware that 1. The Jesus role is more than adequately filled already; 2. I didn’t much care for the political activism and fan base that went with the job, & 3. Someone was ready to stone me for just thinking it. Hah. Had I been wiser than my years, I would have articulated more clearly: Jesus was able to help people’s bodies, but also brought emotional healing. And that was key to my young mind. How do you make people feel better all the way through? Living a young, sheltered life, He was the only role model I had for this idea. "Dare to Dream", Right?


How do I go about healing? 

What about being a Doctor? Well, between my mother’s dislike of the medical system and my own dislike of blood, this was not a viable career choice. And so, not having come up with any other options for how to be a healer, I settled for being a good person. And in the process of settling for a lesser dream, I forgot. The 6 yr old’s dream was left behind, and I was left looking high and low for a purpose, or a career, or…something. 

About a year after moving to Montana I met 2 people: a Reiki practitioner who gave me my first Reiki Session that brought peace to my soul and began a lot of emotional healing, and a Health Kinesiologist who helped to transform my very ill body into something vivacious, while they began clearing trauma from my psyche. In the process of doing the work to heal my own body & mind, I remembered that what I wanted to be was someone who facilitates healing. I wanted to help people connect with themselves, and to the divine. And now I had reasonable role models, with a system in which I could learn. Queue StarTrek music: I was going where no one (in my family) had gone before.  

Reiki is an energetic laying on of hands, taught by Master to Student, in a series of Attunements that hardwire a practitioner to move energy in a safe resilient way. My first Reiki Attunement was my 23rd birthday gift to myself. I traded a hand knit sweater to cover the cost of the class because I, frankly, couldn’t afford it and was not going to let money get in the way. She still has the sweater. 

The Reiki Master took me to a creek in Bozeman. We sat on a little bridge over the water, on a snowy day, in the cold and I received my first Attunement. It was not earth shattering. As with all great things in my life, it was quiet, still, and peaceful. I hid the fact that I was taking a Reiki class from family. They couldn’t understand why I was into all this “energy work”, when I could just pray for people. Going to that first Reiki Class was one of the bravest things I had done in my life up to that point. It has been followed by many more moments of courage. I had similar resistance when I began training in Health Kinesiology, and did it anyway. The community structure of class was life changing. Sitting in a room full of others who wanted to heal made my heart dance.


By the time I began my training in Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine in 2015, 7 years of growing into a better person had convinced the family that I was on the right path… I had everyone on my side.  It has taken me thirteen years of formal training, personal growth, and education to open my beautiful healing space here in Manhattan Montana.


Every day continues my education, every client is an opportunity for mutual growth, every breath brings us closer to ourselves. It is a good life.  

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As the Doctor of EARTHSIDE:Perpetual Medicine I am committed to bringing Integrity, Compassion, and Understanding to every client, every time. Ayurveda, Health Kinesiology, and Reiki, have given me the tools and wisdom necessary to customize medicine for each person I meet. I believe EVERY BODY can feel better. I focus on creating a partnership with each client to support them in changing themselves, and their lives, a little or a lot. Healing takes commitment, understanding, compassion, lots of courage, and usually, several cups of tea. 

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