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Reiki Energy Healing in Manhattan Montana and Bozeman Montana


Reiki In Manhattan Montana, Bozeman Montana,

and The Entire Gallatin Valley Area



About Reiki



What Am I Going To Feel From Reiki? 

This is our most frequently asked question about Reiki from our clients.   

You might feel any number of things while you are on the table (fully clothed) receiving Reiki. We often tell people that they are going to feel like they have just gotten eight hours of good sleep. It is not uncommon to have emotions come up during a session, or memories that you haven’t thought about for a long time.

You might have old “stories” come up. If you have injuries, you may feel “tingling” while we work on the affected area.


You might see colors or shapes or see images from the past, present, or images of a more spiritual nature.  

Temperature changes are common while receiving Reiki. You might feel warm, or even hot in certain places, or cool in others.  

You might also feel twitching or physical releases as stuck energy in the body is released.


It is important to know that each Reiki session is personalized for the individual. No two Reiki sessions will be the same. Even for the same person each session is unique. If you come multiple times over a period of a few weeks, each session will be its own experience. We have been offering Reiki in Manhattan Montana, Bozeman, and the entire Gallatin Valley for many years. Please contact us today 

to schedule your first Reiki Session. 


What will I get from Reiki?  

  • Our Clients Walk Away Saying The Feel Amazing!  

  • Feel More Energetic Over The Weeks That Follow A Session 

  • Improved Healing Time If You Have Injuries

  • Clients Often Report Feeling More Clarify After Reiki 

  • Reiki Helps Improve Sleep Quality*


*In Fact, Major Cancer Centers Offer Their Oncology Patients Reiki

Specifically To Help Facilitate Quality Sleep To Aid In Recovery and Healing.  


What Happens During A Reiki Session 

  • We Will Serve You Delicious Tea To Get Started 

  • We Will Have A Short Discussion 

  • You Will Have You Lie Down On a Massage Table (Fully Clothed) 

  • We Will Provide You With A Soft Eye Pillow 

  • You Get To Relax For An Hour While Our Reiki Practitioner Moves Around You, Applying Reiki To Various Points Of The Body 

  • We Will Conclude With A Short Discussion (And More Delicious Tea!) 


To Schedule Your Reiki Session








More About Reiki 

Reiki is a method of facilitating self-healing through channeling of Reiki Energy into the energetic body.


How Does That Work?   

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to think about what it is a doctor or surgeon does. A doctor does not cause healing. A doctor creates an environment where healing is likely to happen – then the body will heal itself.  

A Reiki practitioner is similar. A Reiki practitioner does not cause of healing - they create an environment where healing is likely to happen, and the body/mind heals itself naturally.


Reiki practitioners are also not the “source” of Reiki energy. Reiki is everywhere. It is in everything. It is what makes everything happen. You have probably heard of Chi – as in Tai Chi. Chi is energy.  Reiki (Rey – Chi) literally means life energy or Life Force Energy. Reiki practitioners are individuals who have been trained to funnel that energy in a way that helps restore balance.  

Reiki is not the only method of energetic body work used to facilitate healing. Most of you are probably familiar with Acupuncture. Acupuncturists utilize the concept of meridian lines (energy lines) and blockages in those energetic “highways” to understand illness, and use needles to treat/restore energetic imbalances to facilitate healing.  

A Few Other Forms of Energy Body Work Are:  

  • Health Kinesiology 

  • Marma Point Therapy 

  • Accupressure 

  • Biomagnetism 

  • Pranic Healing 

  • Crystal Therapy 



Is Reiki Some “woo-woo” Thing?  

Reiki has become a lot more mainstream over the years.  Every major hospital system that specializes in Cancer Treatment has Reiki Practitioners (or other energy body workers like Healing Touch) available to their patients.  

Oncology departments have three main priorities around healing: 

#1: Improve sleep 

#2: Reduce Anxiety 

#3: Pain Management 

Reiki has been shown to help improve sleep quality, and reduce feelings of anxiety associated with treatment. And although no true studies have been done to test the impact of Reiki on Pain Management, by helping patients get a good night’s sleep, and reducing anxiety, pain is naturally going to be easier to manage. When you are tired or nervous, how well do you manage anything?  

So is Reiki some kind of “woo-woo” thing? The cancer wards in hospitals don’t seem to think it is. Or if they think it is – they are keeping it around anyway because it helps facilitate overall wellness in their patients and for them, that is good enough.


Besides, a Reiki session is so good for you. You get to relax on the table for an hour (or in a chair if that is more comfortable for you) and enjoy the good vibes of our healing space while we take good care of you. Afterward you will feel more clear, and perhaps lighter than you’ve ever felt in your life, and the effects last weeks after your session. You will sleep better, feel better, and if nothing else, you will have spent an hour taking care of yourself, which in itself is a great way to create an environment where healing can happen.  




Reiki Energy Healing is a process by which the practitioner funnels energy to the body in way that restores balance, creating an environment where healing is likely to happen.


A doctor does not heal. A doctor creates an environment where healing has a chance to happen, and the body heals itself. A Reiki Practitioner is similar. They do not heal. They create an environment where healing can happen, and the body heals itself.  

Reiki or other forms of energy body work are employed in almost every major hospital network that engages in the treatment of cancer. Reiki has been shown to improve sleep quality and decrease the sensation of anxiety that often accompanies treatment. Improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety are primary objectives for treatment of cancer patients.  

Reiki sessions are very relaxing. Come enjoy our healing space and the positive vibes we maintain here. If all you did was spend an hour relaxing and getting some deep rest, this in itself would be worth it. Our go-go-go, multi-tasking, hyperactive way of approaching life, in constantly throwing our bodies and minds out of balance. Reiki helps bring you back to center.

If You would Like to Read More About Reiki: Click Here 

We have been providing Reiki in Manhattan Montana for over a decade. We serve Manhattan, Bozeman, and the entire Gallatin Valley Area. We are an easy fifteen minute drive from Bozeman, and have ample parking. 


To Schedule Your Reiki Session: 


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