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What is Health Kinesiology?


 Let's think about Health Kinesiology in terms of how it relates to Acupuncture. Both Health Kinesiology and Acupuncture use the ancient (and still valid) Chinese system of Meridian Lines to help clear stuck energy within the body. Health Kinesiology however, uses a light touch to release stuck energy, as opposed to needles or heavy pressure (as can be utilized in acupressure). 

What Does Health Kinesiology Treat? 

  • Lifetimes of Trauma 

  • Allergy Relief 

  • Dietary Recommendations 

  • Physical Ailments  

  • Finding Energetic Blocks and Unlocking Them 

The body remembers everything: that time you ate fish and it was off;

the scraped knees; the view from the top of the mountain, the Dad who

wasn't there. All of these past experiences, good and bad, affect the

decisions we make today, as well as the physical structure of our bodies.

Experiencing trauma can cause the body to redirect energy pathways in a

way that hinders us in day to day life, or causes us to repeat bad events.

Who Is Health Kinesiology Good for?  

Health Kinesiology is good for everyone.

Including your fur babies. 


What To Expect During Your Session?


We like to begin each session with a nice cup of tea to welcome you, and set the tone for your session. We discuss what you would like to work on, take notes, plan out the rest of your session, and once we are ready, we will have you lying on a massage table (fully clothed).  


Then, while you relax, our professional practitioner will consult several texts to match up the things you’ve indicated you would like to work on with the correct procedure, and then begin executing the appropriate sequence of activities. Together you and the practitioner will clear the body using standardized corrections found to reset the body to factory standards. It can take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to clear each blockage, plus set up time. We use magnets, words, body positions, meridian points, touch, sound, and a variety of other tools to clear trauma from the body, without having to relive it.   


Upon completion of the procedure, we will have a bit more discussion, and have a bit more tea. If there is homework for you to do, we will explain the things we want you to continue on your own. 


Everything about your visit is designed to be a safe and nourishing experience for you. From the moment we begin through the duration of our relationship, we will be there for you each step of the way.  



What Am I Going to Feel During My Health Kinesiology Visit?  

This is one of our most frequently asked questions by first time visitors. Health Kinesiology tends to make a person feel a little bit of everything. An entire range of emotions and physical sensations can be felt because we are tapping into such deep centers in the body.


Here are some common feelings clients have mentioned to use over the years:  


  • Whole Spectrum of Emotions Can Come Up 

  • Often You're Going to Feel A Physical Release 

  • Feels Like You Have Taken A Nice Short Nap 

  • Feel Lighter Than You’ve Ever Felt Before 

  • Feel Clear  

  • Feel Open 

  • Feel Unstuck 

These are just a handful of the ways people have described

how they felt after a Health Kinesiology session. Each experience will be personal, since every session is specifically planned for the individual. No two people will have the exact same experience.  

More About Health Kinesiology


Health Kinesiologists utilizes a combination of muscle testing and verbal questioning to engage with your body’s energetic system to uncover stuck patterns of energy, and apply specific protocols to release blockages. Each procedure identified through muscle testing points toward a stress that has your system revealed. As gentle pressure is applied to acupressure points, balance is restored to your body in the affected area and we move the “health needle” back toward center.   

Both Health Kinesiology and acupuncture are based on the understanding that health depends upon the balanced flow of energy throughout the various systems of the body. Lots of every day things upset the flow of energy and throw you out of balance. We are exposed to toxins, frequencies, electromagnetic fields, physical and emotional stress, injuries, media, genetically modified foods, chemicals, and air of questionable quality. It is also stressed as the result of societal conditioning, limiting beliefs, acculturalization, socialization, and a potentially endless array or stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.  All of these factors impact your energetic body, and can lead to a decline in overall wellness. 

Your body is doing its best to communicate all of this back to you: indigestion, pain signals, back pain, fatigue, anxiousness, depression, are all signals that something is off, and needs to be corrected before pain turns into arthritis or surgery, indigestion turns into diabetes, fatigue turns into depression, or that sensation that something is "off" turns into cancer or an auto-immune disorder. Most of the time you body has been trying to say “Danger Danger Will Robinson!” - long before a minor issue becomes a crisis. We have unfortunately developed the habit of ignoring our bodies for so long, that often the only way to communicate with the body becomes through muscle testing, and getting a third party to “listen” on your behalf.


Health Kinesiology protocols might variously employ magnets, flower extract, essential oils, self-touch, specific body positions, and thought alignment protocols. Most people find Health Kinesiology to be extremely relaxing and come away feeling much more clear.  Occasionally, because protocols are deep-reaching and cause major energetic shifts, you might temporarily feel sleepy or have other slight changes you notice after the session. This is a good thing. It indicates that healing has begun. Getting proper rest afterward and maintaining hydration will help with these sensations.  




Health Kinesiologists use muscle testing to uncover physical, emotional, chemical and nutritional imbalances and apply specific protocols to harmonize them. You are continuously inundated with energy and information from outside sources - Health Kinesiology gets the information directly from you. Your body is doing its best to communicate with you, Health Kinesiologists know how to listen on your behalf.  

Though disease often takes people completely by surprise, Illness doesn’t just happen. By the time illness becomes full blown and can no longer be ignored (known as chronic), your body has been trying to tell you for some time that it is being overwhelmed by chemical, physical, and/or emotional stressors. We have just lost the ability to listen, and/or our willingness to obey the signals we are given. If we ignore these signals too long, we will need help from medical or complimentary practitioners to get things straightened out. And even then, once things are straightened out by a western doctor, if you don't fix the things in your life that are causing you disease, the disease will simply return, and often come back stronger than it was before. 


Through muscle testing and matching protocols to the signals your body provides, our Health Kinesiologists can help facilitate healing by restoring natural balance to all of the systems of your body. Where western medicine has traditionally sought to treat the outcomes of long term stressors, and/or tamp down the symptoms (signals) the body is experiencing because of them, Health Kinesiology seeks to rebalance the energetic systems of the body, and return them to balance, so the body can heal itself by engaging its deep inner wisdom.

To Schedule Your Health Kinesiology Session: 






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