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There's Ayurveda in Montana?

Yes there is Ayurveda in Montana! In fact, there are more Ayurvedic Practitioners than you may realize. Earthside Perpetual Medicine has been practicing Ayurveda at the highest level in Manhattan Montana and Bozeman for a long time now.

Ayurveda - is pronounced Are-You-Vey-Da. In fact, if you try to use voice-to-text, this is basically what the computer spits out when it tries to spell it for you.

Why do people come to Ayurveda? There are many reasons. Some people are just into natural healing. Some are curious. But more often than not, our clients come to us because western medicine has run out of options for them (this is particularly true of people suffering from Auto-immune disorders). Just when they thought they were out of options, along comes Ayurveda and has answers.

What happens during an Ayurvedic Consultation? We have some tea and a long talk. Ayurveda is a lifestyle program. We learn everything we can about you, and then we provide you with education about yourself, about ayurveda philosophy, and how we are going to address your specific issues. Every ayurvedic program is tailored to the individual. You are an individual, a ecosystem all to yourself. No solution works for everyone, but something is right for everyone. We just have to figure out what is right for you.

We have been practicing Ayurveda in Montana for a long time now. We are located in Manhattan Montana and serve Manhattan, Bozeman, and the entire Gallatin Valley. Need us to come to you like the old time doctors did? We will.

To Learn More About Ayurveda: Click Here

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